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A collaborative, creative space for freelance dancers

Dance Den will be the first creative space dedicated to freelance dancers based in London. Innovatively, Dance Den CIC will provide space to meet, train, work, connect, collaborate and explore. This multidisciplinary space will provide freelance dancers with access to the same support currently afforded to those in large dance companies for their health, wellbeing and career.

Our Mission

  • To provide a unique, collaborative space for freelance dance artists to access multidisciplinary healthcare, business and training facilities at an affordable price.
  • To make available specialist dance science equipment and practitioners to performing artists to understand and analyse their movement and ultimately enhance their training and reduce the risk of injury.
  • To provide a safe and nurturing space for the general public to experience the creative, health, and social benefits of dance through community dance workshops.

About Dance Den

Freelance artists often do not have access to professional help to maintain their wellbeing without having to pay exorbitant fees. We want to change this and believe that freelance dance artists deserve equal access to these services. We will provide a space where they can network and build future partnerships for work. Access to hot-desking, the dance studio, fitness facilities, treatment rooms and shared space alongside other creatives will be available at the venue.

Regular industry expert-led seminars and workshops will be scheduled looking at topics such as nutrition, strength and conditioning, and psychology. In addition, webinars on funding writing will provide a space for dancers to enhance their freelance practice and knowledge. 

Dance Den will provide a range of dance and creative movement activities in different dance styles according to the needs of the local community. By providing an alternative to traditional exercise classes through creative and expressive movement, we aim to encourage adherence to these classes and thus increased levels of physical activity.